“I make music because I love it!” says Jennifer Ramsey, and it shows. Jennifer is an engaging performer, backing her full-bodied vocals with ukulele or guitar.

Her versatility extends beyond her wide v
ocal range and multiple instruments to the vast selection of covers she performs, running the gamut from folk to rock, alternative to pop, rockabilly to roots, all with a distinct southern flair.

“I just sing what I like and try to avoid all other limits.” This includes putting her own spin on covers, including a reggae version of Aha’s Take On Me, rockabilly Danny Boy, and ukulele-driven Dog Days.

Here is Jennifer performing live at Mac's on Slade in Palatine, IL on 11/08/12 - with Mac Rietz on bass.  (Tip:  Pause the site-wide player at the bottom of the screen first!)

Jennifer thrives on audience energy, from intimate gatherings to large crowds. She enjoys interacting with audience members, presenting “a real person, with a relaxed stage presence, not a character.”

She has performed at private parties, restaurants, bars, weddings, benefits, conventions, musicals, and -back in her Georgia days- sang the national anthem for fans of the Macon Braves.

Jennifer is not only a talented musician, but also an absolute professional, whether working solo, or as part of the band, Jennerator, or the acoustic trio, Face-N-Time, or the new female cover sensation, Bad Girlfriend.  Jennerator features Jennifer on lead vocals (and various instruments), Tom Price on guitar, Jeff Kirk on guitar and vocals, Scott Karch on bass and vocals, and Jeff Smith on drums and vocals. Face-N-Time also features Jennifer on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, along with Paul Allodi on vocals and Lindy Alo' on drums and backing vocals.

Jennifer (and her guitars, ukulele, harmonicas and sound system) are available for your upcoming event.  Get to know Jennifer, take a listen for yourself, and contact her today!


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Tonight: The Petries - Tomorrow: Jenn at Perry's - Saturday: Get Back at Kelli's Cuckoo's Nest 

It's a big weekend!  Tonight, I'm just gonna kick back and listen to a GREAT band - the Petries!  Rob and Laura are joined tonight by Dave Steffen on guitar and James Wayman on bass, so I don't see how it can be less than awesome!  And Mac's food is DELICIOUS...

Since you'll still need to eat and rock out tomorrow, meet me tomorrow for dinner at Perry's Pizza and Ribs in Park Ridge... I'll start playing about 7:30 - my first official gig of SPRING - and my uke is looking particularly floral:

THEN, Saturday night, don't miss out on Get Back at Kelli's Cuckoo's Nest here in Cary!  My buddy Chuck Jennings fronts this band and they play all your rocking favorites.  Do you like the Beatles?  Then, you should go.

NOTHING beats live music!  See you out there!  <3, Jenn

3/15 - Pre-St. Patrick's Day Party at Scoreboard! 

Saturday in Lake Zurich is not only two days before St. Pat's - it's also Purple Plunge day - where total maniacs in a charity frenzy JUMP INTO Lake Zurich... or rather a HOLE carved INto THE ICE covering Lake Zurich.  It's a wonderful charity event and thank goodness for kind people who do good things... BUT, I *personally* will NOT be jumping into a freezing lake.  That night, I plan to be making warm, toasty music with Lake Zurich music royalty - no kidding.  Jim Henning and James Wayman are the FAMOUS Jim and James from the Rock N Roll Grill... Lindy Alo is that awesome drummer EVERYBODY knows... No one knows me, but I'm the girl one.  :)  Seriously, super honored to be making music with these ridiculously talented guys - it is going to be a GREAT time at Scoreboard. And it will be NICE and WARM inside the bar.  Music starts at 9 p.m.  See you there!

Thanks to Perry's! 

What a FUN NIGHT last night at Perry's Pizza and Ribs in Park Ridge!  I SO enjoyed meeting the young ladies who are in their ukulele club at their school!  They listened to a uke song before we started - then THEY played the Hawaiian Christmas Song for ME - and did a fantastic job! I cannot stress this enough:  I LOVE UKERS! They are just always the coolest.  I'll be back at Perry's on January 18th, so come back again and bring your ukes!!

Also, Eli Bennett sat in and made everything sound better. He is not faint of heart, musically speaking, and I admire that greatly! And thank you to all our lovely friends who came out to support us - you guys make EVERYTHING more fun.  Hugs, kisses, and love - and Merry Christmas!  I'll see you back out there at Cary Pub on the 28th with Face-N-Time!

Tomorrow - Cary Pub! 

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name...bum bum bum bum...

There's a party in my pub, and you're invited!  Ok, so it's not really MY pub.  I don't own it or anything, but Cary Pub is my Cheers. The beer is great, the service exceptional, and they have 5 Rabbit Microbrews featured tomorrow night... along with Face-N-Time playing some great tunes.  That's me, Paul Allodi and Lindy Alo.  We have WAY TOO MUCH fun playing together.  Come join us!

Save the date - Coleman's - November 8!! 

I'm a poet, and I know it.

But first - big thanks to Wool Street in Barrington for letting us host the Jennerator Halloween Bash there!  It was great to see so many familiar faces (Thanks for coming, Pat!! I knew you were familiar and I finally put it together!)  and the guys impressed me with their costumes.  There were wigs EVERYWHERE!  I enjoyed channeling Janis Joplin, and I think it helped me sing Turtle Blues just a bit better.

Once you come down off the Halloween sugar buzz, come on out to Coleman's on Friday, November 8 and join me for a solo show!  Friday is all-you-can-eat Fish Fry at Coleman's, so come have some dinner and stay for drinks and music.  It'll be a blast. See you there!


We'll be firing up the Jennerator and scaring up a good time at Wool Street on Saturday!  It starts at 8, with costumed foolishness and antics by the band, and some music trivia and Live Band Name That Tune hosted by DJ John Pencak.  Oh yes, there will be prizes.  Ice cold, refreshing prizes.  See you there, party people!!

See you at Perry's! 

FIRST - I have to say a BIG thank you to Coleman's and all of our friends who joined us Friday night!!  That was one of the most fun nights I've had in a while.  Great friends, food, beverages and music - and all right here in the neighborhood!  I should be hitting Coleman's again soon solo, so watch for future dates.  If you missed Friday, we'll make up for it then.  ;)

Speaking of the Fall schedule, it's shaping up, and it's going to be a fun one!  The weather's getting so cool and pefectly pleasant for all the fun shows on the horizon:

Saturday, I'll be at Perry's Pizza in Park Ridge at the 12 Lounge!  This is my first visit to Perry's, so come check it out!  I'll have my trusty instruments - guitar, ukulele and harmonica, and of course little old me.  PLUS, the owner is a singer too, so you never know what we'll cook up.

Saturday October 26th, Jennerator is throwing the greatest Halloween bash of all time at Wool Street in Barrington.  Come in costume - or at least come to see what the heck we'll wear.  It's sure to be a fun time!

Saturday, November 16th I'll be with Face-N-Time at Cary Pub for a beer tasting!  Talk about right in the neighborhood - and if you haven't heard the trio yet, come give us a listen.  It's me, Paul Allodi, and Lindy Alo entertaining you with your favorites while you sample some amazing brews.

Now get back to carving your pumpkins, and we'll see you out there!  Love, Jenn

What a Weekend! 

Jennerator had a great weekend starting at London Pub Friday night.  The Pub was rocking - thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us.  There was even a sighting of Tim from Triadd!  (Thanks for hanging out, Tim!)  Then, Sunday at Strawberry Fest in Long Grove was a BLAST!  The weather was perfect and we had a great time playing for a great crowd.  Lots of musicians in the crowd that day, too (love y'all!!).  I saw Rob Rosenberg of The Petries and even Mister Al stopped by!  Thanks, guys!  We hung around after and enjoyed The White Saddle Band - what a great country band, and nice people, to boot!

I'll be solo at Mac's on Slade on August 1, but I'm sure you'll see my face around before then.  I"ll be making the rounds.  See you out there!  :-)

GREAT Autism benefit - Mickey Finn's up next! 

Boy, did we have a great time at the Annual Autism Speaks benefit at Scoreboard Bar and Grill last night.  By "we" I mean EVERYONE!  It was a fun time hanging out with old friends and meeting lots of new ones, and listening to some fantastic music.  Mister Al, Dave Coy, Blue Eyed Leo, The Petries, Jake & Joel, Paul Allodi, James Wayman, and Lindy Alo were all on hand and in top form. (Oh yeah, I played, too!)  If you didn't make it this year, don't miss it next year.  The raffles are a hoot, and the Scoreboard always has great food and drink specials.  And your raffle donations all go to the Rachel's Rebels team in the Autism Speaks walk.

OK - now I have to shift gears and prepare for Jennerator rehearsal tonight.  We're polishing up our stuff for Friday's show at the Amber Room at Mickey Finn's Brewery in Libertyville.  Come see us!  We hear this is a GREAT room and we're looking forward to playing.  So, bring all your work buddies out for dinner and some Mickey Finn's beer then stay for the Jennerator party!


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